Carolin, from Germany, has experienced her eleventh year of high school in Colorado Springs, CO.  Carolin’s host mother describes her as passionate, sweet, and caring.  She loves Carolin’s fun-loving spirit and her kind, considerate heart.

Carolin’s Host Mom shares a favorite memory:

“For Easter, our family roasted Peeps marshmallows in the fireplace. Since Carolin is vegan, I searched everywhere for a natural, vegan option.  I found a brand, Dandies, which worked very well.  It was Carolin’s first time roasting a marshmallow and our family’s first time eating vegan s’mores!”

Carolin has enjoyed Colorado Springs, saying “I love the scenery.  I get to see the mountains every morning on my way to school. I love the reddish tint to the earth.”

Carolin loves the “crazy weather” in Colorado and was surprised when it snowed in May.  Whether building a snowman with her host brother, or skiing in the Rockies with her host sister, Carolin enjoyed the snow!

Carolin loves American school for several reasons including support from teachers, extra-curricular activities, opportunities to meet American friends, and study hall. “Study halls are great because they lead to less homework after school. Plus, you can socialize with other students!”

Carolin shares that her favorite classes are AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science Principles, and American Literature. “We read amazing books like Interpreter of Maladies, Frederick Douglass, and The Great Gatsby.  We also got to read some Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe.  I feel that I learned so much, about the American view of the world and itself, as well as what genres of literature I like!”

Carolin shares that her exchange experience has helped her learn how to be confident and approach people.  She says that she has learned how to overcome adversity and solve problems on her own.

Carolin was inducted into her school’s Ursa Major Chapter of the National Honor Society in a special ceremony on May 2, 2022.  “I feel honored to have been offered a place in my school’s chapter and loved the service we did together.  For example, we did a toiletry drive for a local homeless shelter,” she shares.  Maureen states, “We are so excited for Carolin!  We’re very proud of her and the effort she’s made in this endeavor.”

Carolin took a school trip to Puerto Rico for the Experience-Centered Seminar over Spring Break for ten days. She enjoyed learning about the culture and volunteering. 

She shares, “We visited San Juan, the fortress and old city.  We also learned traditional dances!  Most importantly, we volunteered building the cement base to a house or small community that had been devastated by Hurricane Maria. We also cleared a trail for an ecotourism project.”

Although she’s not sure about future endeavors, Carolin says that she would like to study either literature or math-based sciences.

Carolin’s Host Mom includes the following message:

“Carolin, it was a pleasure and honor to host you in our home. We wish you the best in the future. We know you’ll make an impact on the world regardless of what you choose to pursue. We hope our paths will cross again!”

Written by Flo Webb; Edited by Lauren Lunt

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