“PSE is a really good program; there is nothing about it I would change. It’s a great option for students who want to study abroad.”  – Ran Tao, China

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Established in 2006, Private & Public School F-1 Exchange (PSE) is committed to promoting international understanding and goodwill through cultural exchange. PSE is an inbound program that places international students who wish to obtain their F-1 visa in high schools all around the U.S.A. We have an outstanding reputation for providing personal attention, service and support. Our dedicated staff works every step of the way with partners, students, schools, host families and coordinators to ensure a successful experience.

There are many ways to get involved with PSE!

As a HOST FAMILY you become an integral part of the PSE experience. Families provide room and board, a quiet place to study and an American family experience for their student(s). The homestay program allows host families an opportunity to gain an understanding of the culture of their PSE student. Simultaneously, it offers PSE students an opportunity to learn about American culture, language and lifestyle. In some situations, students are welcome to attend boarding schools as well.

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As a STUDENT you take your education to the next level and experience the world while doing so! Think of this opportunity as a VIP pass to get to know the most fascinating aspects of American culture and people. Studying abroad isn’t just a way to get to know another culture, but a way to get to know yourself as well. Our programs give students a chance to receive a quality education while forming life-long friendships and growing independent and self-confident.

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As a LOCAL COORDINATOR you oversee international students and provide support to students, host families and schools. Our Local Coordinators help PSE stand out from other agencies because of the individualized attention, guidance and support they offer. They check in with students and host families on a regular basis to offer assistance and to evaluate the homestay experience. In addition to their role as an intermediary and support person, PSE Local Coordinators are responsible for recruiting, screening and providing orientations to host families.

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As a PARTNER you screen and select students to send to PSE for school and host family placement, and offer communication and support to natural families. We collaborate with you to ensure that students are placed in schools that fit their educational needs while providing a safe and enjoyable environment to pursue their goals. Our established relationships with schools across the U.S. enable us to assist students during the application process to select schools that are right for them and to ensure that the acceptance process goes as smoothly as possible.

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As a SCHOOL, admitting PSE exchange students can offer many benefits. By doing so, your school directly fosters cross-cultural relationships and understanding. International students enrich classroom discussions and offer an international perspective that can help current event lessons take on new significance or history lessons another meaning. PSE works with a diverse selection of SEVIS approved high schools in the U.S. to issue the I-20 for the F-1 Visa. We promote our schools to overseas partners, facilitate the application process, help find host families once a student has been accepted, and continue to check in with schools, students and host families to make sure everyone is having a positive experience.

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