“She is an all-in-one pep squad all by herself!”

This is how Min is described by her Local Coordinator, Suzy. Min, who is a natural motivator, had never been a cheerleader before coming to the U.S.

“There is no cheerleading in South Korea. However, I remember being the class leader, and I would enjoy going in front of the students to cheer them on,” she says.

With the encouragement of her host family and one of the cheerleaders in her class, Min decided to find out more information about the cheerleading opportunity in her school.  She recalls, “My host brother is varsity basketball player at school and knows some of the cheerleaders.  I asked him about it.  Then, I talked with the coach who was very happy that I was interested in becoming a cheerleader.  I tried out on the first day of school, made the team, and then immediately started practice!”

“Min put all of her heart and soul into knowing the routines. She took the learning very seriously. She would come home from practice and then practice some more in front of the mirror. The coaches told me that they were very impressed with how quickly she learned the routines and how she stood out on the team. It has been awesome watching Min develop. I’m glad that she found something that she is passionate about while she is here in America!” share Esmeralda, Min’s host mother.

What Min enjoys most about cheerleading is being able to watch the games up close. She says, “I love watching sports, so being on the field watching the game so close is really exciting!” She loves promoting her school to the community in cheer events downtown and has been on the news a few times as well. Her team is currently working on a routine for a halftime performance.

“I have learned how to express my positivity,” Min shares about her experience on the cheer squad. “Always smiling and cheering people on makes me so happy! I have many good memories with my team members!”

She recalls a favorite memory when her team was invited to the coach’s house for a Christmas party last year. “The Secret Santa experience was so fun, and the dinner was very nice,” she says.

Min recommends to anyone who is studying abroad to do cheer because it’s a great experience and a wonderful way to meet new friends. She contemplates that cheerleading has allowed her to make friends in the entire school and not only in her grade.

Through cheerleading, Min has been inspired to be an encouragement to others.  For example, another Korean student was having difficulty meeting friends, so she encouraged him to try out for wrestling. As a result, he made friends and found a new interest!

As for future plans, Min loves fashion and makeup. “I want to work for a fashion company to analyze trends and promote brands,” says Min.

With her positive attitude and motivating nature, we know she will continue to inspire others.  We look forward to following Min’s journey and wish her the best of success!

Written by  Flo Ruiz; Edited by Ann Steffen

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