“I love the PSE Trimester program; it is a great opportunity to improve your English, meet new friends and learn about the American culture.”

These are the words of Camila from Argentina, who was the first to participate on the PSE Trimester program which launched just this year. Camila is a vivacious 17 year old from Buenos Aires who spent 12 weeks from January through March in Victorville, CA.

Camila believes the Trimester program is ideal for people like her who plan to go back home to go to college, as it provides enough time to improve English skills but does not cause too great of a delay in plans to obtain a college degree back home. Her plan is to return to Argentina and pursue a degree in Business Administration.

Camila 2_website“I have learned to be more accepting of a new culture, because in the beginning I did not understand all the differences! Now, I know that those differences are acceptable,” says Camila. Though she was a little frightened in the beginning that she wouldn’t adequately be able to express herself in English, she shares that after a couple of weeks she realized she actually could and felt very proud.

Camila is very grateful for all the support she received from her PSE Local Coordinator and her wonderful host family, especially when she felt a bit homesick in the beginning. She adds “My host parents are amazing; they are caring and loving, and my host dad is always joking around. It is so much fun to be with them. I also LOVE my host sister from Japan, we have become best friends!”

Going to the homecoming dance, vacationing with her host family in Los Angeles, visiting Universal Studios and attending an NBA game are among some of her favorite memories of her stay in Victorville.
Camila softball2_websiteShe also reminisces about trying out for the cheerleading team but she wasn’t able to join since it was the end of the season, so she decided to go out for the softball team instead.

“We don’t have this sport in my country, but I decided to try it and it was the best decision ever! I love the sport and the sense of union in the group while we work together. I have made fantastic friends there and will miss it!”

What words of wisdom does Camila have for other exchange students?

“Understand that Americans have a different character; it is just a different type of life, but it is good too, so just try to learn about it! Try new things! Look at me, I had so much fun in softball, I would never have imagined it!”

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