What does it feel like to spend 24 hours dancing and standing on your feet? It is “amazing” according to Hanwen, or Carl, from China.

Carl was one of 230 students who participated in a “THON” at a PSE¬†school in Pennsylvania beginning February 13th at 7:30pm and lasting until February 14th at 7:30pm. Students had to remain standing or dancing for 24 hours to receive donations for pediatric cancer.

Carl at ND THON_Web

“My first THON was amazing,” says Carl, “it was my first time standing on my feet for 24 hours, and it was the first time that I spent my energy to do something really helpful for others.”

This was the seventh year that the school has held the the event, and participating students succeeded in raising $65,000 for pediatric cancer.

“The reason that I could last so long is that I had lots of motivation and my family and friends, and I appreciate that!” says Carl.

Congratulations to Carl and the other 229 students who successfully participated in the THON and raised money for such an important cause!


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