Xijie, otherwise known as CJ, has always been talented when it comes to math. It is no surprise, then, that he immediately thought of how to apply this talent to his senior project in school.

For his senior project, CJ decided that he wanted to tutor elementary students in math. He spoke with his teacher and met with the principal of a nearby elementary school, and was able to coordinate a project involving tutoring 5th grade students every Tuesday.

Blog photo 2“I have a passion for math and teaching, so this is the best mix where I can teach what I love!” exclaims CJ. He has gained a lot personally throughout the experience as well, including learning how to be patient with younger children and being able to share his Chinese culture with them.

Debbie Sieben, CJ’s local coordinator, describes him as being humble, smart and generous. She admires him for his tenacity in school and how he achieves great academic success. She also mentions that he is always willing to help others with computer issues, math and anything else.

In addition to being a straight A student and athletic, Debbie explains that “CJ has a great sense of humor and enjoys life and every opportunity he gets.”

Blog photo 1CJ has appreciated his experience and feels as though he has matured and gained a lot as an individual. His host family agrees and are sad to see CJ leave after three years of hosting him when he graduates this spring. They are proud of him for all the progress he has made throughout the program and have enjoyed watching him grow.

“I am amazed that my host family has hosted me for such a long time. I am really a part of their family!” says CJ.  “I have had a great experience with PSE; they really take care of us.”

CJ plans to go to college next year in San Diego to pursue a degree in Engineering.

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