Hayun arrived on the PSE program two years ago with the dream of becoming a film music composer.

This year, Hayun will graduate from her high school in Rochester, NY, and will go on to college to continue her studies to pursue this goal.

In her native country of Korea, Hayun developed a passion for jazz, and has been studying piano for six years. She also plays percussion instruments, electric bass, and guitar. She has been studying jazz and piano theory, has learned how to compose both classical and jazz pieces, and has been performing with her high school concert and jazz bands while on the PSE program.

This young talent performed at the Rochester Xerox Jazz Festival and the ECMS Russian Friendship Concert this year. She has been the recipient of several awards, including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award from her high school and the National Youth Composition award.

“PSE has offered me so many different opportunities for my music career and also personally. I have grown and learned so much from this experience! I have enlarged my view of the world and broadened my perspective on life,” states Hayun.

Hayun has enjoyed her school in Rochester, NY, and has appreciated her teachers and the education she received. Her host family and local coordinator have been very supportive as well, and she is grateful for them. It turns out that Hayun’s host father is also a musician, and Hayun feels very fortunate to be able to share her passion for music with him.

“I have been so lucky that my host father is a musician! He is so supportive and has introduced me to so many musicians in the community,” she shares. One of her favorite memories is playing at the Rochester Xerox Jazz Festival this year. She describes, “I felt a part of the community and was involved in so many activities during the Festival. I loved it!”

She enjoys her host family and the community she lives in very much and has felt supported by PSE in all aspects of the process. She has learned to become more accepting of the religious beliefs of others, and to be open to the Catholic faith.  To her, this program has been an opportunity of a lifetime.

As for future plans, Hayun auditioned for several colleges, and has received acceptance letters so far from Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts and The New School in New York. She plans to major in music and go on to pursue her dream of composing music for films. She believes it is an ideal niche for her to explore, given her love for movies and music composition.

“I worked very hard in Korea for my music, but here I have really improved my skills and have had the chance to learn more about Jazz from the place where it was born,” says Hayun. She reflects that the musical exposure in America has impacted her and changed her life. She also feels that going through the PSE program positions her to have access to great colleges and will enable her to have a fantastic future ahead of her.

We look forward to seeing Hayun’s name listed among the music composers in film credits in the not-so-distant future.

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