Right outside of Charleston, South Carolina lies a competitive private high school with rigorous academic standards. The outcome of long hours of studying and great self-discipline is well-represented in the members of the school’s Math Team.  Jaehun, a PSE student from South Korea, practices with his Math Team twice a week. Their hard work and dedication paid off on January 12th when the team placed second in a state level competition held at the Sumter Civic Center.

What does it take to compete at the state level in a math competition? “Hard work, not giving up and challenging myself every moment in Math Club is what I tried to do,” says Jaehun. The competition involved two rounds: the first, in which each student took a 50 question multiple choice test; and the second, in which students competed in a five minute speed round. The scores were tallied at the end of the two rounds.

Math Team

Jaehun has participated in many math competitions and appreciates his team members. “Math Team is a thrilling experience. All of the members on my team are intelligent, kind and hard-working. It is an honor to be a part of it!” he exclaims. He has always enjoyed playing with shapes and figures, which he claims has made it easier for him to understand math. Geometry is his favorite. Jaehun hopes to study psychology and law in the future and would like to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer.