Make a Difference in the World!
Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Do you have experience living, working, or traveling abroad and/or working with international students in the U.S.? Do you enjoy working with students, schools and families? If so, a PSE Local Coordinator position might be right for you.

Contract Positions
We are seeking qualified individuals across the country to help us spread goodwill and understanding by making PSE programs available to international students in your community. PSE Local Coordinators recruit and screen host families, offer support to students, families and schools, and submit monthly reports. They are independent contractors - many hold other full or part-time employment but enjoy working with international students for the enriching experience and supplemental income.

Local Coordinator Responsibilities
Local Coordinators are the face of PSE in the community. They are the first point of contact for host families, schools and students, and are the liaison between students, host families, schools, and the PSE office. Being a Local Coordinator means building relationships in your community and spreading the word about our programs. Furthermore, PSE Local Coordinators:

  • Recruit host families
  • Conduct in-home interviews and visits
  • Assist with host family screening
  • Provide orientations to host families and students
  • Offer support and guidance to students and host families throughout the program
  • Collaborate with schools to ensure students are adjusting well
  • Receive training and support from a Regional Manager and PSE office

If you are interested in becoming a PSE Local Coordinator, CONTACT US.

"I am very thankful for my wonderful local coordinator. She always makes sure that I am doing well."

- Soobin, South Korea

"I cannot say enough good things about our LC. She is full of information and a huge support."

-Poulin family, ME