Diving Right In

June 20, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Valeria is our first student from Chile, and she is loving American life, even from the moment she stepped off the plane. The day of her arrival is one of her favorite memories for a number of reasons, but especially because on the same day she arrived, she accompanied her host family to a Green … Read More

From Asuncion to Petaluma

May 17, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Andrea, the first PSE student from Paraguay to participate on the PSE Trimester Program, came from Asuncion to attend high school in Petaluma, CA as a sophomore. “I chose the shorter program to avoid missing too much school in Paraguay,” she explains as why she felt the Trimester program as a perfect fit for her. … Read More

A Videographer in the Making

March 18, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

In 2017, Jonah from Germany visited New York City and Miami with his family for his dad’s birthday. It was during this visit to the U.S. that he decided he would like to return to experience life in America as an exchange student. “I was overwhelmed by all the new things I never saw before … Read More

Three Months of “Firsts”

February 11, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Miguel, an only child from Spain, has learned for the first time in his life what it is like to have three brothers. A PSE Trimester student in Rochester, NY, Miguel is hosted by a family with their own two sons, Joey and Jake, as well as another PSE student from France, Felix.  Joey and … Read More

California Dreamin’

January 26, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Laurenz and Gregorio are PSE students attending high school in Anaheim, CA for an academic semester. Laurenz is from Liechtenstein and Gregorio from Italy, and separately, they had each spent time in America prior to the PSE program. This experience, however, has provided them both with a unique opportunity to become immersed in American culture, … Read More

Double the Fun

March 5, 2021By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Jamie and Caroline, or “Caro” as her friends call her, are PSE students from Germany attending a small private high school in Camden, Maine. Caro is a Sophomore and had never visited America prior to this exchange year.  Jamie, a Junior, had visited the United States with her dad and sister to visit relatives in … Read More

Soccer, Family, and American Friends

January 5, 2021By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Alvaro, a senior from Spain attending high school in Pennsylvania, decided to join the PSE program “to learn English and the American culture, and to make American friends.” He has made huge strides in accomplishing all of his goals since arriving on the program last Fall. Recently, he celebrated a traditional American Thanksgiving holiday with … Read More

Second Year, Going Strong

December 3, 2020By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Wendy, from China, is a Sophomore in high school in Tennessee and a second-year PSE student. Wendy made an impression on her teachers, peers and community from the time she first arrived on the PSE program last year. In fact, she was featured in a blog post her Freshman year for her accomplishments, which you … Read More