An American Soccer Dream

May 31, 2024By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Gianmarco, a 16-year-old student from Rome, has two older siblings that completed international exchange experiences. He was inspired to follow in their footsteps. Arriving in January on the PSE Semester program, his dream became a reality. “I was excited to meet new people and immerse myself in a new and different environment that would help … Read More

Close Enough for Comfort

March 21, 2024By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Two sisters embark on a life-changing exchange year in the US. Malin, 17 years old, and Sophia, 18 years old, are sisters from Sweden who have always been very close. They have been best friends their entire lives, sharing experiences and leaning on one another for support. “We have always talked about everything,” shares Malin. “In … Read More

Personal Growth in America

February 16, 2024By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

In the Fall of 2023, Annagiulia from Italy embarked on her PSE exchange experience with a determined mind and a heart full of vigor. As a 17-year-old senior in high school in Yorba Linda, CA, she was ready to take on the opportunities and challenges that awaited her. “I am a creative person with a … Read More

Sibling Harmony

December 7, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

When PSE students arrive to the U.S., they experience an adjustment process which can prove to be both challenging and life changing. For example, eating new foods, attending American high school, engaging in extracurricular activities, living in a new home with a new family, and for some, living with host siblings, are all new experiences … Read More

From Empty Nesters to Host Parents

October 30, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, News No Comments

Paul and Janie reside in a beautiful home in Chandler, AZ. They were empty nesters for nearly 16 years before they entertained the idea of hosting a student from Italy with PSE. “I’ve been retired for almost three years. So, with no kids in the house and retirement in play, the freedom was exponential,” shares Paul. Janie adds, … Read More

Passion for Math

October 2, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

When Rina, from South Korea, arrived in Illinois in August 2022, she was only 14 years old.  As a freshman in a high school in Providence, she was excited about her school year here in America. Rina enjoyed her Freshman year immensely, and over time she grew very close to her host family. Rina shares, “I … Read More

Perseverance Pays Off

August 14, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

After graduating from high school in France, Elena decided to embark on the PSE exchange program for a full academic year in Rockford, Illinois.  Elena states that the biggest challenge was leaving her family in France.  “At first, I didn’t think it would be that difficult. I was super excited, but then going to a new … Read More

A Passion for Dance

August 1, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Xenya, or “Maya” as her friends and host family call her, is a PSE student from Germany who attended high school as a Senior near Easton, Pennsylvania and graduated in May 2023.   Maya enjoyed living in Bethlehem, PA for her exchange year and shares her perception of the town: “Bethlehem is a little city, … Read More

A Cheerful Exchange Experience

July 17, 2023By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Daniela, from Spain, is one of our youngest students on the PSE program this year.  At only 14 years of age, she came to America (Rochester, NY) with many dreams and a yearning for adventure. She describes her feelings while adjusting to her new home environment: “I was nervous and afraid. I’ve never left my home … Read More