Becoming a Team Player through Dance

April 21, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Tianyu’s passion for ballet started four years ago in China, and for years, she danced classical ballet solo routines. In America, Tianyu was introduced to Dance Team at her high school in Oregon, and it has changed her life. “My team is like family to me. They are always there to support me,” says Tianyu. Tianyu … Read More

Volunteering Opens Doors for PSE Student

April 12, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Jae had never stepped foot on an ice-skating rink prior to arriving to Rochester, NY this past fall. Jae’s host mother, Darline, first introduced him to the sport. Jae, who is from Korea, explains that everyone in his host family is involved in ice skating. Now, he not only ice skates well, but he shares his … Read More

King for a Day

April 11, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

What does it feel like to be a king? According to Wanlingyi, or Jonathan (his English name), it feels “SO cool!” Jonathan was the first-ever Chinese international student at his high school in Florida to be elected Homecoming King. He says that it is hands down the best memory he has formed during his PSE experience, … Read More

New Talents Discovered on PSE Program

January 6, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Jaehun, or Jess, a PSE student from Korea, has discovered many things about himself since arriving on the program three years ago. For example, Jess had no idea he was a talented distance runner before coming to the U.S. He has been a member of his high school Cross Country team in South Carolina since … Read More

Friendship Gained from Trimester Experience

November 30, 2016By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

On the phone, Luis is a quiet, ostensibly shy 15 year-old boy from Spain who arrived in Michigan to begin a PSE Trimester program twelve weeks ago. When asked what motivated him to participate on the program, his answer is that his parents urged him to, as they wanted him to experience the educational system … Read More

Family Reflects on their Hosting Experience

October 5, 2016By Ann SteffenHost families No Comments

Blue and Vicki Ornelas of Victorville, CA are no strangers to hosting international exchange students. Since 2008 they have hosted at least eight students from various parts of the world. “As a family we have always enjoyed meeting the kids and getting to know them. We have created lifelong relationships with all of the students … Read More

Robotics Team was Highlight for PSE Student

June 10, 2016By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Renpin, otherwise known as Jordan, just finished his third year on the PSE program and graduated from his high school in Wisconsin. Jordan first came to Wisconsin from China on the PSE program in 2013, and unexpectedly developed a profound interest in robotics. “I have many good memories in the U.S., but without a doubt robotics is … Read More