Trimester Program Fulfills Student’s Dream

June 28, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

“Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed of coming to the States to study,” says Benoit, a PSE Trimester program student from France. The problem was, his parents did not feel comfortable with him leaving for a year. So, Benoit was very pleased when he discovered the PSE Trimester program, which involves living with a host family … Read More

Inspiration Gained from Service Project

June 15, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Chenhui, or Billy, from China arrived to St. Louis Park, MN last fall to begin his PSE experience. As a requirement of his Religion class curriculum, he and his classmates had to complete a service project. Billy decided to volunteer at a local nursing home, and spent three hours every Sunday from February through April … Read More

Four Years Leaves Lasting Impact

June 2, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

When Jiangnan, or Michael as he is known by his U.S. peers, arrived on the PSE program four years ago, he had no idea that acting would become an integral part of his experience. Michael had some prior experience with musicals and plays, and claims to have always had an interest in art, music, theater, … Read More

Program Advances Young Musician’s Dreams

June 1, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Hayun arrived on the PSE program two years ago with the dream of becoming a film music composer. This year, Hayun will graduate from her high school in Rochester, NY, and will go on to college to continue her studies to pursue this goal. In her native country of Korea, Hayun developed a passion for … Read More

Becoming a Team Player through Dance

April 21, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Tianyu’s passion for ballet started four years ago in China, and for years, she danced classical ballet solo routines. In America, Tianyu was introduced to Dance Team at her high school in Oregon, and it has changed her life. “My team is like family to me. They are always there to support me,” says Tianyu. Tianyu … Read More

Volunteering Opens Doors for PSE Student

April 12, 2017By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Jae had never stepped foot on an ice-skating rink prior to arriving to Rochester, NY this past fall. Jae’s host mother, Darline, first introduced him to the sport. Jae, who is from Korea, explains that everyone in his host family is involved in ice skating. Now, he not only ice skates well, but he shares his … Read More