Achieving Goals

January 13, 2020By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Benedetta, a 17 year-old from Italy, arrived to Santa Barbara, CA on the PSE program with several goals: Improve her English language skills Become part of an American family Learn new cultures Achieve good grades Try new things According to Emmy, Benedetta’s Local Coordinator, she has achieved these goals plus some during her five months … Read More

A Lasting Impact

December 21, 2019By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Fifteen year-old Joana is preparing for her return to Spain after spending the last semester attending high school in Anaheim, CA. Her host family, local coordinator, school, and community are sad to see her go, but they hope this isn’t the last they will see of her. During the past five months, Joana has been … Read More

Appreciating Differences

December 10, 2019By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Sofia and Aris are 16-year-old students from Rome, Italy attending high school in Eugene, OR. When their school in Rome presented their class with the opportunity to participate on the three-month PSE Trimester program, they both decided it was an adventure they wanted to be a part of. “I wanted to get out of my … Read More

To Live Like an American Teenager

December 4, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

What would inspire a 14 year-old from Valencia, Spain to spend three months in Eugene, Oregon in the USA? For Paula, it was the desire to live as an American teenager. “I wanted to come to America to live like an American teenager and learn about the culture.” Paula has certainly embraced the experience and is … Read More

PSE Student Receives Warm Welcome from Host Family

July 24, 2019By Ann SteffenHost families No Comments

Paul and Bonnie Wilkerson of Fort Madison, Iowa, recently welcomed their former PSE student, Jeongwoo Lim from Korea, for a visit and the story was featured in The Fort Madison Daily Democrat. Read the article via the following link:  

Adventures Galore

June 24, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Jakob, a PSE Trimester student from Germany, attends high school as a Sophomore in Rochester, NY.  Jakob’s Local Coordinator, Glori, describes him as a very friendly young man. “He likes to travel, see, and do as much as he can! He is curious, independent, and makes friends very easily.” Lisa, his host mother, agrees, and … Read More

Mia’s Bright Feathers

June 24, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.”  – The Shawshank Redemption According to Ziyu, or Mia as her friends know her, this movie quote is her life motto. Mia attended a high school in Austin, TX this past school year as a sophomore. Mia’s Local Coordinator, Ricardo describes her: … Read More

The Sky is the Limit

June 24, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Augustin, or Gus as his friends and family know him, is a sophomore in high school in Appleton, WI. He is a Trimester student on the PSE program so he will be in America for a total of 12 weeks. Gabby, his Local Coordinator, says, “Gus is kind. His English is spectacular, and he speaks … Read More

A Harvard Dream Come True

June 24, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Astree, a Trimester student from France, is a sophomore in high school in Milford, Massachusetts. Astree’s Local Coordinator, Liz, describes her as a wonderful student who is positive and enthusiastic about becoming involved in new things. “Astree takes an experience and makes the most out of it.  Her quick adjustment here in America has inspired … Read More

An Entrepreneur at Heart

April 30, 2019By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Jitong, also known as Tony, is a senior in high school in Rockford, Illinois. For his senior project, Tony designed a stylish t-shirt representing his school. A significant part of the project involved marketing and selling the final product. The fashionable shirts, which are available in black and white, are selling for $10 each and … Read More