From Asuncion to Petaluma

May 17, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Andrea, the first PSE student from Paraguay to participate on the PSE Trimester Program, came from Asuncion to attend high school in Petaluma, CA as a sophomore. “I chose the shorter program to avoid missing too much school in Paraguay,” she explains as why she felt the Trimester program as a perfect fit for her. … Read More

A True Participant

April 4, 2022By Ann SteffenStudents No Comments

Daniel, from Spain, is an 11th grade student attending a high school in Pennsylvania. His host father, Greg, says that Daniel has become a member of their family and describes him as a thoughtful, energetic young man who seizes every opportunity that comes his way. “He fully engages in life around him. He is definitely … Read More

A Videographer in the Making

March 18, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

In 2017, Jonah from Germany visited New York City and Miami with his family for his dad’s birthday. It was during this visit to the U.S. that he decided he would like to return to experience life in America as an exchange student. “I was overwhelmed by all the new things I never saw before … Read More

Three Months of “Firsts”

February 11, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Miguel, an only child from Spain, has learned for the first time in his life what it is like to have three brothers. A PSE Trimester student in Rochester, NY, Miguel is hosted by a family with their own two sons, Joey and Jake, as well as another PSE student from France, Felix.  Joey and … Read More

California Dreamin’

January 26, 2022By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Laurenz and Gregorio are PSE students attending high school in Anaheim, CA for an academic semester. Laurenz is from Liechtenstein and Gregorio from Italy, and separately, they had each spent time in America prior to the PSE program. This experience, however, has provided them both with a unique opportunity to become immersed in American culture, … Read More

Maturing in America

November 20, 2021By Ann SteffenUncategorized No Comments

Zhiyu from China, known as Markus to his friends and host family, has been on the PSE program since 2018 and is a senior this year. Remarkably, he has spent all four years of his PSE program experience at the same school and with the same host family. Lisa, his Local Coordinator, describes Markus as … Read More

A Year of Surprises and Memorable Experiences

November 20, 2021By Ann SteffenUncategorized No Comments

Mark is a German student who spent a memorable sophomore year in Colorado Springs, CO on the PSE program. His reasons for participating go beyond improving his English skills and experiencing a new culture. Mark’s father studied in the U.S., a notable inspiration that drove him to seek out an international program experience of his … Read More

Worth the Challenge

June 10, 2021By Ann SteffenUncategorized No Comments

“Coming to a new country with new people that you don’t know when you are young is challenging, but it creates autonomy within you, and you make fabulous memories.” These are the reflective words of 16 year-old Oanez from France, who is completing her three month PSE Trimester program in Portland, OR. “I think coming … Read More