Maturing in America

November 20, 2021By Ann SteffenUncategorized No Comments

Zhiyu from China, known as Markus to his friends and host family, has been on the PSE program since 2018 and is a senior this year. Remarkably, he has spent all four years of his PSE program experience at the same school and with the same host family. Lisa, his Local Coordinator, describes Markus as … Read More

A Year of Surprises and Memorable Experiences

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Mark is a German student who spent a memorable sophomore year in Colorado Springs, CO on the PSE program. His reasons for participating go beyond improving his English skills and experiencing a new culture. Mark’s father studied in the U.S., a notable inspiration that drove him to seek out an international program experience of his … Read More

Worth the Challenge

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“Coming to a new country with new people that you don’t know when you are young is challenging, but it creates autonomy within you, and you make fabulous memories.” These are the reflective words of 16 year-old Oanez from France, who is completing her three month PSE Trimester program in Portland, OR. “I think coming … Read More

Double the Fun

March 5, 2021By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Jamie and Caroline, or “Caro” as her friends call her, are PSE students from Germany attending a small private high school in Camden, Maine. Caro is a Sophomore and had never visited America prior to this exchange year.  Jamie, a Junior, had visited the United States with her dad and sister to visit relatives in … Read More

Soccer, Family, and American Friends

January 5, 2021By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Alvaro, a senior from Spain attending high school in Pennsylvania, decided to join the PSE program “to learn English and the American culture, and to make American friends.” He has made huge strides in accomplishing all of his goals since arriving on the program last Fall. Recently, he celebrated a traditional American Thanksgiving holiday with … Read More

Second Year, Going Strong

December 3, 2020By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Wendy, from China, is a Sophomore in high school in Tennessee and a second-year PSE student. Wendy made an impression on her teachers, peers and community from the time she first arrived on the PSE program last year. In fact, she was featured in a blog post her Freshman year for her accomplishments, which you … Read More

An Immediate Bond

November 6, 2020By Ann SteffenHost families, Students No Comments

Elisa, a senior from Italy attending school in Ohio, has experienced at least a full year of adventures in the three short months she has been on the PSE Trimester program. She has made friends at school, participated in theater and orchestra, attended football games, and has gone on countless excursions with her host family, … Read More

A Drive to Meet Others

November 3, 2020By Ann SteffenHost families, Students 1 Comment

Ruiyang, or Peter as his friends know him, is from China and currently completing his junior year of high school in North Carolina. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges to meeting people, Peter has made several successful efforts to connect with others. Because of the altered school schedule and social distancing protocols in … Read More