Tianyu’s passion for ballet started four years ago in China, and for years, she danced classical ballet solo routines.

In America, Tianyu was introduced to Dance Team at her high school in Oregon, and it has changed her life.

“My team is like family to me. They are always there to support me,” says Tianyu.

Tianyu enjoys being part of a group and performing contemporary dance routines. With the team, she feels part of something important, and she appreciates that she can express her feelings to her teammates and the support they offer one another.

Not only that, but they are a talented group! Her Dance Team recently won a silver medal in a state competition in Oregon, and has achieved numerous successes, which has enhanced her experience even further. Tianyu said that it is such a wonderful feeling to be on stage and win with your team.

“Dancing on stage with my team is so peaceful; we trust each other, we love, we laugh, and we cry together. It was so exciting to win this competition together!” she exclaims.

Tianyu has embraced other opportunities to become part of a team since coming to the U.S. She describes how in China, she was so busy in school that she did not branch out and explore many opportunities available to her. Since she has been in America, Tianyu has learned how to play the cello, and enjoys playing with an orchestra instead of by herself. She goes on to describe how gratifying it is to work with other musicians to “construct” music.

Tianyu is also part of the Robotics team at school.

What has she learned from being part of so many groups?

“I have learned about team spirit and that I am important to others in my community.” She adds, “I have learned to be nicer and to help others, show love and be supportive. Also, I have learned that I am not alone, but rather, I am part of a community. I can give my whole self to the group; my passion and my love.”

Tianyu loves the school she attends in Beaverton, OR. It is a Catholic school and has enabled her to learn about the religion and how it guides people to love and help each other. Of her school, she says “They have a strong academic program and teach you to lead and to think not just from books, but challenge you to think outside of the box.”

She adores her host family and her Local Coordinator, and appreciates the activities that her LC organizes for the students in her area.

“My experience with PSE could not have been better. I will stay here for sure; I love it.” She adds that she has learned so much and made many friends.

Tianyu plans to go to college in America, maybe to major in economics or math.

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