Mirim, a graduating senior attending school in Rockford, Illinois, has demonstrated her amazing artistic abilities once again.

This time, Mirim, who is from South Korea, was awarded third place in the Juries High School Art Show at Rock Valley College. There were over 100 entries from Rockford area high schools. Mirim’s winning art piece was entitled “Strawberry and Blueberry Cake.”

“I like eating dessert, and one day I wanted to draw it instead of portraits. I just made a new difference,” she explains as her inspiration for the dessert themed artwork.

Another difference was that instead of using pencil to draw this art piece, Mirim challenged herself by learning how to use watercolor instead.

“On March 6th, we made our way to Rock Valley College to see the art work of over 100 very talented Rockford high school students. Mirim had submitted a beautiful watercolor picture and we knew, from her art teacher, that she was going to be receiving an award that evening (just didn’t know what kind of award),” says Mirim’s host mother, Lily.

“Mirim’s work was already well-known by the girl that welcomed us as we entered the building. She said, “Oh, Mirim Yeum?  I love her piece!” as she showed us where it was being displayed. As we waited for the awards to be presented, Mirim was nervous and excited, and so were we. Mirim won 3rd place for her piece, and we were so proud of her!”

Lily explains that Mirim works very hard in everything she does, especially when it comes to her art.

“She spends a lot of hours perfecting her pictures and has mastered skills on her own. She’s currently the president of the art club at school and has participated in many art events this year,” she says.

Mirim explains that being president of the art club has taught her many leadership skills. “It also feels good to see how some students love art like me,” she says.

Suzy, her Local Coordinator, has enjoyed getting to know Mirim and will miss her once she graduates.

“Mirim just continues to amaze me with her talent and spirit. She will be missed, and I’m excited for her next phase in life. I’m hoping to one day be able to say, ‘I knew Mirim when…'(laughs),” says Suzy.

Mirim is excited about the next new challenge as well. After graduating, she will attend a college in Canada to study graphic design.

“As her host family, we just love her and will miss her, as she leaves Rockford in May to pursue her dreams of studying art in Canada. We are thankful for the time we’ve had her in our home and for the bond she has with every member of our family,” shares Lily.

We look forward to following Mirim’s journey and wish her the best of success!

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Written by Flo Ruiz; Edited by Ann Steffen

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