Zhe, a PSE student from China, has always been fascinated by Anime culture, so it was no surprise that she decided to join the Anime Club at her school in Florida.

Zhe Wei 6In April, Zhe and her Anime Club had a special opportunity to perform at the University of Florida SampCon, where they danced and held a panel discussion about how Anime has impacted them.

For the dance performance, Zhe and her team bought costumes and wigs in order to look like the Anime characters they were representing. They also researched dance moves by watching videos from Japan in order to prepare for the event.

Zhe and her Anime Club were featured in the school newspaper for their performance.

“We had to learn to work and collaborate as a group,” says Zhe. “It was a great experience!”

Her experience participating in the Anime Club is one of many fond memories she formed while on the PSE program. She recalls, “I remember at the beginning of my program I went fishing with my host family, and it was the first time in my life that I had done┬áthat. I have also enjoyed all the activities in school, such as the dances and Halloween parties.”

Zhe plans to attend college in California to study agriculture because she is aware of how important agriculture is for the survival of the human race. She had an internship this spring with a company that tests foods from all over the world. Zhe was fond of her school, the opportunities available to her, her teachers, and her host family.

Zhe Wei 3

Sarah, Zhe’s host mother, recalls how well she adapted to her home and with her family. “She has become one of my children,” says Sarah. “I have noticed how Zhe has become more confident and has improved her English. I am proud of her.”

“My experience with PSE has been really good,” says Zhe. “I think PSE rules are truly fair, and this opportunity has allowed me to get fully embedded in American culture. I could not be happier about this!”

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