“This experience has made me grow and develop a new view of the world.” – Victoire, France

Your Future Starts Here!
PSE programs offer students the opportunity to enhance their education while experiencing American culture, learning English and widening their perspective and understanding of the world first-hand.

PSE is focused on the academic and personal development of students interested in experiencing life abroad. We are not a travel agency or tourist organization. We seek out students that are serious about their academic studies, interested in learning about American culture, want to become proficient in English and have a desire to share their culture with others.

That’s why PSE students must have:

  • High academic standards
  • Demonstrated maturity level to study and live abroad
  • Interest in living in the U.S. and experiencing American culture
  • Willingness and flexibility to adapt to a different culture

About Our Program
PSE participants spend a semester or full academic year in an American private (or public) high school on an F-1 visa. Students select from a variety of schools within our network located all across the U.S., including some boarding school options, and are able to extend their stay until graduation. Students are required to return to their home countries after the school year ends, and are invited to return approximately one week before the next school year commences.

PSE works primarily with private schools but also offers some public school options. Private schools have many advantages, including smaller class size, a variety of advanced placement (AP) and honors courses, low staff turnover rates, and well developed sports and music programs. Some private schools also offer ESL for students with limited English skills.

A PSE program may be a good fit for you if you are:

  • Already attending a public high school in the U.S. and want to come back for another year (or longer)
  • Interested in graduating from a U.S. high school in order to apply for a U.S.  college or university
  • Willing to pay private school tuition for your first time studying in the U.S.

How It Works

  • Apply to a PSE partner agency in your home country (or contact us and we will direct you to an agency in your country)
  • Our partner agency will screen your application to make sure you meet our requirements (including administering a standardized English test)
  • Select three schools from our school list to which you’d like to apply
  • Submit your PSE application along with the application fee for PSE to review and send to selected schools
  • Receive confirmation of acceptance to a PSE school (if we are unable to get approval from one of your top three choices we will offer you alternatives)
  • Make a payment to ensure enrollment
  • Receive I-20 issued by the school
  • Make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy for a F-1 visa interview
  • Attend a pre-departure orientation
  • Arrive to the USA!
  • Meet your host family and local coordinator, who will provide you with an orientation, oversee your program, and check in with you at least monthly

If you are interested in locating a PSE partner agency in your country, CONTACT US