“Our family loved learning about their culture and sharing our American culture with them. A wonderful experience and lifelong friends have been made of our children.” – Pride family


Become an International Family
Hosting a PSE exchange student will foster a significant understanding of the values and attitudes of foreign cultures while at the same time exposing foreign students to the uniqueness and diversity of American life.

What it Means to Host
Our host families provide international students with a window through which to view and understand American life and culture. Students are expected to act as a member of your family, participating in your family’s daily activities, chores, meals and conversations. At the same time, our students share their culture and values with their American families. Students are encouraged to bring pictures of their home country, cook their favorite meals for their host family, and share holiday celebrations and traditions from their home country.

Education Begins at Home
So many of life’s lessons are taught outside the classroom. Hosting takes the concepts taught in classes such as foreign language, world studies and geography and provides both American and international students an opportunity to apply them in real life. Moreover, hosting a PSE student introduces your family to the culture and diversity of another country. Whether talking at the dinner table, shooting hoops, or just hanging out with your student, your family will form lasting memories that will influence the way you perceive the world.

Experience Another Culture Without Leaving Home
For many families it is very difficult to arrange and pay for international vacations. By hosting a PSE student, you can bring a foreign culture directly into your own home and provide your family with a lasting international experience.

About Our Foreign Partners
PSE works directly with carefully screened international agencies in several countries around the world. These partner agencies screen and select students, provide them with an orientation before they depart for the U.S., and serve as a liaison between PSE and the student’s natural parents throughout the program.

PSE currently maintains partnerships with organizations in South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Financial Responsibilities
PSE host families are expected to provide a warm and caring home to their exchange student, as well as room and board, a quiet place to study, and three meals per day. Host families are not expected to pay for student expenses. PSE students come with comprehensive medical insurance, and are responsible for their own personal and school expenses, including school activity charges, class fees, clothes, travel expenses, entertainment, bus passes, phone charges and lunches purchased at school.

Benefits of Becoming a PSE Host Family

  • Expose your family to a new culture and language
  • Grow closer as a family as you teach your student about your community, lifestyle and customs
  • Gain a new family member and develop an international relationship that could last a lifetime
  • Support diversity and cross-cultural understanding
  • Receive training, orientation and support from your PSE Local Coordinator before and during the program
  • Have access to a 24-hour emergency telephone number should any issues arise
  • Help make a difference in the world by promoting international understanding and goodwill through cultural exchange

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